Thursday, April 12, 2012

  I love the sea and the sky and myself on a little spit of land between them. And I'm beautiful just like they are because I'm here and lucky and witness to a million miracles daily. Beautiful for my blood that smells like copper and space dust. Beautiful for having a heart that beats and breaks like waves for the shore, for my salt tears and my skin stretched like speckled canvas over the frame of my bones. For all the things that inhabit the cracks between my atoms. For all the things I can say and I can’t say. For every dream I’ve ever had. For my brain coiled like a snake in my skull. For my black bile and humors and the tiny twisting ladders that built me and gave me my history but can’t explain my memory. And so are you. You are so beautiful too.


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    1. Erin, what a lovely, poetic piece of writing, full of eternal questions. Thank you, Laura, for showing me this, and thank you, Erin, for writing it.


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